Two Events That Changed Fire Safety In London Forever

When it comes to events consisting of fire in London, everyone will often immediately jump to the aptly named Great Fire of London in 1666 that started on pudding lane and quickly demolished the majority of the wooden built central area of the city.

However, there are two events in more recent times that have […]

A Guide To Kitchen Fire Safety

The kitchen for many is an essential space and almost always a safe place. However, this can quickly spiral out of control. Thousand people are injured in kitchen fires each year and due to the horrific nature of fire’s spread, many lose their life. Don’t be one of them, take the steps ahead to […]

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contracts in Essex

Fire extinguisher maintenance is a requirement for any commercial building to ensure they are always the right type, in the right place and are working correctly, so that in the event of a fire, they provide the protection you need instantly. Based in Hornchurch, we provide fire extinguisher servicing throughout Essex, London and across […]

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contracts in London

Companies searching for fire extinguisher servicing in London often have the same questions about fire extinguisher servicing contracts, so here we intend to outline the type of tasks our engineeers carry out during a routine fire extinguisher service, and why they are so important.

Fire extinguisher maintenance is a requirement for any commercial building to […]

Fire Alarm Engineers In London

We are a highly reputable team of fire alarm engineers. If you are looking for fire alarms in London, or a company to maintain, service, or design and install your fire alarm system then do contact us to discuss your requirements.
Our fire alarm engineers are based in London, Essex and the South East of […]

Security System Maintenance For Your Commercial Or Industrial Premises

If you are the owner of, or in charge of, a commercial or industrial property you need to ensure your security systems are properly maintained. CCTV systems need to be checked to ensure continuity, burglar alarm systems need scheduled testing and your commercial site should be inspected regularly for any security issues.

Here at Firstford […]