Fire Extinguisher Servicing & Maintenance in London, Essex & Surrey

Fire Extinguisher maintenance in London Surrey and EssexIt is essential to make sure that you have regular fire extinguisher servicing carried out by our fully qualified engineers to ensure they will operate fully if and when needed. We provide fire extinguisher contracts for all types of extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguisher maintenance is a requirement for any commercial building to ensure they are always the right type, in the right place and are working correctly. Our fire extinguisher contracts give you peace of mind. A typical fire extinguisher service will include:

  • Test correct pressure reading in appliances
  • Check appliance is correct for position and is visible
  • Check correct weight is recorded on scales
  • Change O rings
  • Check nozzles and hoses
  • Clean and visually check all appliances

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