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Fire Extinguishers Essex, LodnonOur engineers will install your fire extinguishers in accordance with British Standard 5306. This is usually done after carrying out a fire risk assessment to determine the exact type and quantity needed for your commercial building. We can supply, commission, and install all types of fire extinguishers and also provide ongoing maintenance and fire extinguisher servicing.

What Type Of Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

It will depend on the type of business you run and the nature of the hazards present. For instance if you have electrical equipment you would have to have CO2 fire extinguishers. However, in many cases you’d have water fire extinguishers as they are the most cost effective. Powder fire extinguishers are best for liquid fires lending themselves to industrial installations.

How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

Our engineers will advise you how many fire extinguishers you need, where they should be sited, and what type of extinguishers you need in accordance with BS5306. Once this is established we will give you a detailed quote, and arrange for your fire extinguishers to be installed.

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