Fire Alarm Installation In London & Essex

fire alarms London Essex and Surrey We carry out sizeable fire alarm installations in London, Essex and throughout the UK both as a subcontractor to large fire and security companies and mechanical and electrical contractors, as well as projects direct to the end user. Previous fire alarm installation clients include Goldman Sachs Bank, Debenhams Stores and Marks And Spencers. We install all types of fire alarm systems, simple conventional stand-alone fire alarms, right up to fully addressable networked multi-panel sites with graphic displays.

Our fire alarm engineers are based in and around London, and we install and maintain fire alarm systems all over the UK. We specialise in multiple changeover fire alarm projects where the old system and the new fire alarms run simultaneously during the changeover process.

If you’d like us to carry out a site survey so that we can design or install a fire alarm system for you please contact us now.

Fire Alarms London and Essex – Maintenance

Once we have completed a fire alarm installation our fire alarm service and maintenance contracts will ensure your alarm system is working constantly, and that any potential problems are picked up before they become a real issue. We maintain fire alarm systems in London, Essex, Surrey and many other areas of the UK. A typical maintenance schedule will include:

  • Test automatic field devices for correct operation (smoke/heat detectors, call points)
  • Check address and location descriptions are correct
  • Test all plant / services interfaces and all audio visual devices for correct operation
  • Load test and log battery back up
  • Clean and visually check all devices
  • 24 Hour Telephone technical Support
  • 24 Hour Emergency call out
  • Written report/maintenance sheets completed with each visit

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